The 20 Yard Shuttle is great way to test your quickness, and ultimately, an athlete's ability to accelerate /decelerate and change directions. . It’s a staple of the NFL combine, but quickness is beneficial to most athletes from soccer, to basketball, to field hockey!

To execute this test you’ll need 3 things:

  1. Access to a football field with visible lines every 5 yards OR a tape measure of at least 10 yards/30 feet.
  2. 3 cones or other visible markers
  3. A companion to time you with a stop watch or an electronic timing system

To start, the athlete must place one marker in the middle line, between 10 yards, and place the others two at the ends. Then the athlete must straddle the middle marker/cone, and on a signal of “go” , sprint either left or right 5 yards to the first lateral cone, touching the cone with one hand, and then immediately changing direction, sprinting 10 yards to the furthest cone. The athlete must then, touch the furthest cone, changing direction again, and then sprinting through the middle cone. The timer stops when the athlete’s chest crosses the middle marker/cone. Time is measured in seconds to the nearest 100th/ sec. Honestly, it’s much easier to see how it’s done. So peep the video and/or diagram below:

20 Yard Dash Image.png