The week 6 Challenge, 400 meter run, is a gut-busting anaerobic sprint. By now you’ve probably noticed the Athlete Training Club coaches have been testing you power, quickness, muscular endurance, and strength. This week we want to see who has the gas to race a quarter mile, one lap around the track, as fast as you can. We want to know what happens around 1-2 minutes of work. Can your heart, lungs, and fast twitch muscle fibers transition from raw power and quickness to supply your body with the energy it needs to sustain longer efforts? It’s abilities like these that demonstrate that, fourth quarter, buzzer beater potential! It’s where we determine what true, strength to endurance, ratios are ideal for our sport and whether we have the engine to carry the cargo.

Anaerobic power is a terrific reflection of athletic conditioning, mimicking the short repetitive bursts of power and quickness on the field, court, or track. While strength may help us develop the power, it’s the sweat and tears of developing a solid, conditioning, foundation that keeps us in play longer than our opponents. A great way to test this potential is by doing middle distance runs.

Additionally, while essential to sport, and a seemingly natural activity for humans, running is actually skill. This is especially in regards to sprinting. It’s a skill that can be optimized with a specific set of mechanics and a comprehensive training program. As you prepare for this weeks challenge, check out some of our tips on drills and mechanics to improve your efficiency and maximize the power and anaerobic conditioning you have trained so hard to develop. You’ll be able to see these by following our social media pages.

Remember, “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”  - Tim Notke

So lace up your boots, and lets see who will finish under a minute

Dan Daly is our head of fitness programming. Be sure to watch out for more of his tips and advice to get an edge on achieving your fitness goals

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