Below you will find the protocol for this week’s challenge, the 5 Rep Max Squat. The video, below, provides instructions on the proper way to execute a full squat. Make sure to watch so you’re not penalized for partial reps. Also, take note of how the recording should be set up to ensure your entry counts when you submit.

Under the video you'll find some helpful warm-up tips to make sure you're ready to give a great effort. Good luck and let’s move some weight!

5 Tips for Warming up to 5RM

Whether you’re testing a 1RM, 5RM, or 10RM, the best lifters know to get the best result, a proper warm is essential. You want to incrementally build up to your best effort without getting too tired. Follow the guidelines, below, as you prepare for your 5RM Squat this week.

5RM Testing Protocol

Warm up with a light resistance that easily allows 5 to 10 repetitions. Rest 1 minute.

  1. Estimate a warm-up load that will allow 3 to 5 repetitions by adding 20 to 50 pounds at at time. Rest 2 minutes
  2. Estimate a conservative, near-maximal load that will allow 2 to 3 repetitions by adding 20 to 50 pounds at a time. Rest 2-4 minutes
  3. Make a load increase: 20 to 50 pounds. Attempt 5RM
  4. If successful, rest 2 to 4 minutes and go back to step 4. If failed, rest 2 to 4 minutes then decrease the load by subtracting 10-20 pounds AND attempt again. Continue increasing or decreasing the load until five repetitions with proper exercise technique is completed. Ideally, within 3 to 5 testing sets.