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Welcome to the club

Welcome to the club

This goes out to all the athletes, young or old, big or small, talented or trying - this is for you.

Almost 3 years ago, while sitting at lunch, Mike Cicale and I started discussing the plight of the modern youth sports athlete. We discussed the disparity of resources, the inequity of opportunity and the lack of knowledge - and decided there had to be a way to help give kids more. 

We started working on the concept, brought it to a few friends (Andrew Nestor and Andrew Starker) who would become our partners in bringing this platform to life. Now, 3 years later, we're ready to start changing how athletes are assessed and train to achieve their goals.

Athlete Training Club is a digital strength and conditioning training platform for athletes. It's made up of 3 core components:

  1. Combine Challenges: Each week athletes will be challenged to complete a new fitness "test". From bench press to broad jumps, our challenges will test athletes across 4 key areas of fitness - STRENGTH, POWER, QUICKNESS AND ENDURANCE. Tests can be performed in any gym, and will use video submissions for verification.
  2. Coaching Feedback: We employ a collection of some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country who will be in charge of reviewing every video submission. Our coaches will give personal feedback to every athlete on their performance, which will be pushed to their email to help them get better.
  3. Pound-for-Pound Scoring: Our proprietary algorithm will normalize all performance for age, height, weight and gender - giving athletes a true "pound-for-pound" assessment. Once assessed, athletes can check the leader board to see where they stack up against any other athlete - from the kid down the block to one of our pro-athlete partners

These tools will allow Athlete Training Club to change how athletes are assessed, compared and how they program their training. Because all of us want to get better - we just don't always know how or where we need to improve to achieve our goals.

To help launch Athlete Training Club we've partnered with Parisi Speed Schools and over 20 pro-athletes and celebrities to give away $20k in donations to high school athletic departments. Every week we'll be giving away $1,000 to the athletic department of the high school of our weekly challenge pound for pound winners.

3 Years ago we set out to change the game for athletes. To give them more information, better training resources and ultimately better opportunities. We cannot put into words how excited we are to be able to deliver on that goal. And much like your training - what Athlete Training Club looks like today is only a shadow of what we will become in the future. Every day we're going to work our assess off to give athletes more - because for you to get better, we need to get better as well. But for today,

Join the club. Take the challenges. See where you stack up.

            Welcome to Athlete Training Club,

            Benjamin Aronson: Tri-athlete, Soccer Midfielder, Wrestler, Co-Founder

Ben - 2011 NYC Triathalon

Ben - 2011 NYC Triathalon