A few years ago while working on a brief for a sports client, I came across some interesting insights. None of which lead to any client work, but did however prompt a larger discussion with my business partners surrounding the disparity in training knowledge and approach that exists between the elite college/professional programs and everyone else.

Soon thereafter, the Built Not Born team came together with the mission to create a place where athletes can get free athletic assessments as well as affordable access to quality coaches.

This first-of-its kind digital training platform leverages our proprietary machine learning algorithm, intelligent training programs, and data center to optimize athletic performance.

Our goal: To become the most trusted source in the education and training of high school athletes and beyond and change the way all athletes are assessed, compared, trained and recruited.

Built Not Born is still in its infancy. However, as we learn more about athletes, we will continue to develop the tools to help them accomplish their sport-specific goals.

 There is much more coming. So please join us on or journey to building better athletes.


We fuel competition.

We build better athletes.

We are Built Not Born.


Michael Cicale